Sunday, July 17, 2011

Achieving personal excellence

Dear Mamu,
Do you have a style by which you practice personal excellence ? If you can tell me your step-by -step approach, it will help me.

Personal excellence to my simply means doing my best...doing my best against a worthwhile standard, one I would be proud to be associated with. Like leaders, who've made this community a safer, fairer, and happier place.

The work isn't so much about struggling for achievement. The main work is around removing all the blocks -whether they are mental, emotional , or physical ..those things that get in the way of us doing well. Fore me these are my limiting beliefs about myself perceived inadequacies and weaknesses.

If I had to put this into a process, I'd do the following :

I'd stop arguing, resisting, and defending against people and things that conflict with my values and start accepting and understanding other viewpoints. Instead of forcing and controlling, I'd be allowing and attracting  what naturally fits with me. I'd take responsibility for my life. I'd stop blaming others and making excuses for myself. Doing all this would place my power squarely back upon my own shoulders, now wouldn't it ?

All throughout, I'd be working on being more aware, being more present and in the 'now'. All throughout I'd be working to improve my skills and competence. While I'm looking outward to see how I could support others, I'd be looking inward to make sure my capabilities are honed to a level where I can honestly say, " I can ".

Achieving personal excellence is the main priority like Sam Witwicky in Transformers 3 ;
Dark Of The Moon

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