Friday, December 24, 2010


well here are some simple brief for u guys to cook for your family during this Christmas

1 sliced of Pitta Bread ( you can find pitta roti in stores nearby ; Giant,Tesco,jusco...)

Core ingredient for the sandwhich

a) 1 breast chicken (kira-kira segenggam tangan lah)
b) 2 slice of fresh tomatoes
c) green salad ( it's best you take it right way from fridge kasi segar bugar :) )
d) 1 spoon of mayonnaise ( sOdap the same time control cholestrol )
e) 1 spoon of honey tea mustard ( leh jumpe kat giant banyak )
f)  secubit garam/ bit of salt
g)  and a bit of black pepper ( hancur )

How to make  ? hmmm

1. put a bit (secubit garam) and black pepper on the breast chicken (segenggam tangan ) as a taste
2. roast the breast chicken along with the honey mustard and then cut it into cubes wrapped (if u rajin lah )
3. spread the mayonnaise on the Pitta Bread.
4. add some slad, tomatoes and the breast chicken,roll the Pitta Bread along with the ingredient
5. well to be more creative I suggest you guys to serve it along with a vegetable flower or your own style or

So Folks! I give you..Meli Moa sandwich..hope you guys can give it a try for you X'MAS dinner ayte :D
p/s: or for the special one...

(gambar hiasan )

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